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30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied with your Max Boost Wifi Booster - we offer you a 30 day guarantee on all purchases.
Carly M. Toms River, NJ

Fast delivery was fast! This device works very well, I just plugged it in and it boosted my Wi-Fi signal immediately. Have full coverage around the house now. Thanks!

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John S. Hempstead, NY

Our house is a bit bigger than average, so we got 2 MaxBoostWifi Wi-Fi boosters to have a strong and fast Wi-Fi signal in every room - and the garden. Also very easy to use!

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Beth L. Bakersfield, CA

My husband always complained about the Wi-Fi dropping. He said I could not fix it, but with MaxBoostWifi I surprised him! He actually bought another two for his office. Great product!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does MaxBoostWifi work?
MaxBoostWifi works by first connecting to your existing Wifi network (or directly to your router via an ethernet cable). Then, it broadcasts the existing signal with more strength and range throughout your home or office.
Question: What is the range of MaxBoostWifi?
MaxBoostWifi extends the range of your existing WiFi network up to 50 feet. Please note that this depends on your home: the thickness of your walls, the type of material that can block the signal and more. If you have thick walls, multiple floors or a big house, pleases consider buying multiple MaxBoostWifi for the best result.
Question: Can I buy this product in a store?
No, MaxBoostWifi is only available online on the official website: Any other website claiming to sell MaxBoostWifi may be a scam, so please be aware.
Question: What is the best location to put my MaxBoostWifi?
For optimal results, please place your MaxBoostWifi close enough so that when you connect it to your existing WiFi network, the LED indicators indicate full strength. Place your MaxBoostWifi near to where you are located with your WiFi enabled device. For larger homes and offices, please consider buying multiple MaxBoostWifi for optimal results.
Question: How fast do you ship my package?
After completing your order & bonuses, we package and ship your order immediately. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, please allow up to 30 days for your package to arrive. We are working hard to keep our employees safe and offer you the best service possible. Thank you for your understanding.

1x MaxBoostWifi Wi-Fi Booster

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